displace meaning: 1.

displace: 1 v cause to move, usually with force or pressure “the refugees were displaced by the war” Types: show 7 types.

raise up. Antonyms for Displace.

Service industry jobs have displaced the old manufacturing ones.


Latin. Displaced by Anglo-Norman esquirel and Old French escurel, from Vulgar Latin scuriolus, diminutive of scurius, variant of Latin sciurus, from Ancient Greek σκίουρος (skíouros). " Meaning "branch of instruction or education" is first recorded late 14c.

Synonyms for DISPLACE: remove, relocate, move, transfer, shift, disturb, replace, transport; Antonyms of DISPLACE: stabilize, secure, set, freeze, anchor, fix, moor, entrench.

remove. What is displace root word. displaced; displacing; displaces.

Synonyms for Displace. .

to displace (a person or people) from their native or usual surroundings.


How to use dislocate in a sentence. to move or put out of the usual or proper place.

Synonyms: uproot, relocate, exile, deport, banish, more. Antonyms for Displace.

let down.


1 (verb) in the sense of displace.

Antonyms for Displace. Compare with Swedish envig ('holmgang'). displace something (physics) (especially of a ship) to take the place of an amount of liquid when put or floating in it, used as a way of measuring size The ship displaces 58 000.

3. 3. What is the root word of. c obsolete : to drive out : banish. to occupy the place of; replace; supplant.

To displace often means to shift something solid and comparatively immovable, more or less permanently from its place: The flood displaced houses from their foundations.

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The ship displaces 58 000 tonnes.


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